TULSA, Oklahoma - A Green Country women said a man walked into her office and walked out with a purse and two cell phones. She's talked with News On 6 about what happened.

The women filed a police report and said surveillance video caught the suspect in the act. Now she's speaking out to warn others.

Christina Karl said she has video of a man walking into her office at Premier Community Services near I-44 and Yale after Karl and three of her co-workers stepped outside for five minutes.

"He came in and sat down for a minute, left.  We went back and my purse was gone, and then my other co worker found out that he had two cell phones stolen," said Christina Karl, a Human Resources Manager with Premier Community Services.

Karl said this is the second time something like this has happened in the office building. And instead of working, Karl had to take more time out of her day to file a police report and cancel her credit cards.

"First of all you have all your personal, you feel like you're being invaded," she said.  "Your personal stuff's in there - the keys to your car. Is that gonna get stolen, is he gonna come back - is he gonna go to your home," she said.

She said she is very frustrated and has a message for others.

"To be more aware, unfortunately lock your doors, I mean even if it's an office situation opposed to a residence - my recommendation is to be aware of your surroundings," said Karl.

And hopes this person is caught so the suspected thief does not strike again.

"I want this person to be caught," she said.

If you know anything, call Tulsa Police.