MAYES COUNTY, Oklahoma - The Mayes County Sheriff's office is checking on 88 registered sex offenders this week, to make sure the sex offenders are following the rules.

Three teams of deputies, officers, and U.S. Marshals fanned out across Mayes County to knock on doors. They are doing routine checks to make sure all the registered sex offenders in the county are abiding by state law.

Even though these offenders have served their time and are now free, they still have rules to follow, like not living near daycares and schools and some have restrictions on who can live with them.

The idea of the registration is to make sure law enforcement knows where sex offenders live, in case there are any issues and the best way to know that, is do these types of checks from time to time.

Major Rod Howell, Mayes County Sheriff's Office; "Some of them change their address and forget and obviously, that's a violation, so what we're doing is checks and balances here."

If they see a critical violation, they can make an arrest right away, but, most of the ones they've checked so far, have been following the rules.

Major Rod Howell, Mayes County Sheriff's Office: "Very few that's had any hiccups, so basically, we're pleasantly surprised it's going this smoothly."

They ask questions, get the sex offender to sign some paperwork and it's on to the next address until all 88 are checked off the list. Those sex offenders not in compliance with the sex offender law, deputies will get arrest warrants and come back and make the arrests.