TULSA, Oklahoma - An Oklahoma fisherman brought home some hardware this weekend from the Louisiana State Championship.

Robert Carlile is trying to turn his life-long crappie fishing hobby into a profession. This past weekend he made the 7-hour trek from Oklahoma to Louisiana and beat out 70 teams from 30 different states.

Robert has been fishing all of his life - and now it means even more.

He and Craig Nichols - also an Oklahoman - reeled in first place the CrappieMasters national qualifier and Louisiana State Championship in Farmersville, Louisiana.

"We were fishing against guides, we were fishing against other pro sponsored teams on their home waters. Some us coming in there we were certainly an underdog coming in," said Robert Carlile, Tournament Crappie Angler. 

But, it wasn't easy.

They had boat problems twice leading up to the tournament and the final day of the competition was almost canceled due to weather.

The guys caught 14.5 pounds on the first day, putting them in the driver seat to win the tournament.

"Ended up on their scale that we had 13.15 lbs. and put us into a total of 27.65 lbs. for a two-day tournament. Huge weight," Carlile said.

Robert said it is important to him to represent the state of Oklahoma, and that's why he brings along gear made in Oklahoma everywhere he goes.

"Huckabee Rods is based here in Oklahoma. Bobby Garland Baits, they're based here in Oklahoma; they are over in Tulsa. Lowrance - they're here in Tulsa. That's who we are," he said.

Robert is also the President of the Oklahoma Crappie Anglers Club. He says winning is fun, but to him - fishing means a whole lot more.

"There's great people. Some of the best people I've ever met are the fisherman I meet out there on the water. I make it a point to go by and say hi to every one of them," said Robert Carlile,

Robert gets to stay close to home this weekend. His tournament is here in Oklahoma at Lake Eufala.