TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Tulsa mother died after police say she was hit by a Jeep while walking down the street near 91st and Yale.

There are no sidewalks on the stretch of 91st Street where the crash happened, and police say the area is not well-lit at night. Police say 48-year-old Gabriela Escoto was the victim.

“The whole situation is very tragic,” Tulsa Police Officer Jeanne Pierce said.

Tulsa Police say Escoto was walking home after she and her husband were in an argument. Officers say just after midnight a driver was going down 91st street and didn't see Escoto until it was too late. That driver stayed and talked to officers.

"Told them that she was driving down the road, that she was driving the speed limit and that all of a sudden she drove up on this individual that was walking in the middle of the road,” Pierce said.

EMSA and Tulsa firefighters tried to save the mother of two, but she died at the scene.

Family friend John Garcia says, "I can tell you that she was an amazing hard-working woman, always cared about others, always kept a smile and she was an amazing person...We truly lost an angel.”

Police released the driver and say the information she told officers matched the evidence at the scene. Officers say the driver did not appear to be drunk, but she will have to do a blood test, as is required by state law.

It could take a couple of weeks for the results to come back on the blood test.