WAGONER COUNTY, Oklahoma - An investigation is underway after an inmate brought a loaded gun into the Wagoner County jail. The Sheriff said on his end, it was a breakdown in training.

And the Police Chief said his Officer should have found that gun. But both said this is something that should have never happened.

Surveillance video shows a Wagoner Police Officer walking Isaiah Smith into the Wagoner County Jail. Just moments later Smith is left unattended for about two minutes in the booking area before a Detention Officer appears to pat him down before uncuffing him. The Detention Officer then leads Smith into another area. Seconds later that Officer finds a loaded gun.

"We had a breakdown in supervision that night and we had a breakdown our Detention Officer did not respond to training," said Sheriff Chris Elliott of the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Chris Elliott, he believes the Detention Officer was poorly trained. Since then two people have resigned and one person has been fired.

Before that suspect even made it to jail, he was with a Wagoner Police Officer. Chief Bob Haley says this is a safety issue and that his Officer should have found the gun before he made it to the jail.

"We're gonna touch base with the entire staff not just with that one officer...this is an opportunity…to send this message home to all of our staff" said Chief Bob Haley of the Wagoner Police Department.

Sheriff Elliott also said the incident is unacceptable and he is personally retraining his employees.

"I’ve worked in the jail every night since February 15th,” said Sheriff Elliott.

"I'm training, showing them how to do the pat-down searches I'm doing the scenario-based training with them," said Sheriff Elliott.

And although no one was hurt and the gun never made it into the main Detention Area both law enforcement leaders said they are making sure something like this never happens again.

"We're gonna continue moving forward and we're gonna be a better law enforcement agency," said Sheriff Elliott.

The Sheriff said the jail is safe and secure and is not short staffed. Smith is facing several charges including gun charges.