TULSA, Oklahoma - A Mannford man has been arrested for first-degree rape after a woman accused him of giving her a date rape drug. Police say Alexander O. Wozencraft, 29, met the woman on a dating app.

He was taken into custody on a warrant Tuesday, February 26.

Police say the woman reported being sexually assaulted at her home after drinking alcoholic beverages with Wozencraft. 

"The victim noticed Wozencraft with a wax piece of paper that contained a white powdery substance which he stated was aspirin. The victim then began to feel dizzy and disoriented after she consumed her drink," said Sergeant Jillian Phippen in a news release.

The woman said she blacked out and woke up the next day feeling sick and disoriented. After receiving medical treatment police searched her home and found some of the white powdery substance and say "further testing determined the powdery substance was gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, commonly used as a date rape drug, the officer said.