TULSA, Oklahoma - Dreams do come true if you believe in yourself. That's the message in a children's book written by a Whitman Elementary kindergarten teacher.

Kaila Armstrong believes it happened for her, and she wants her students to know it can for them, too. She’s a second-year teacher, and she’s written a book.

“Mirror, Mirror” was published in September.

She said it was a quick project. Just a few months once she developed the basic idea.

“My dream was to be a teacher, so I fulfilled my dream," she said. You can be whatever you want to be, is the basic message of the book.

Every page has a different occupation show up in the mirror, and each one, the doctor, the veterinarian, the police officer and all the rest, repeat the mantra you can be whatever you want to be.

Miss Armstrong says throughout her life that was the message consistently repeated for her and she wants to be that voice for her students now. The Book is available at bookstores and online.