TULSA, Oklahoma - Some people want more done to improve safety in the area where two people were hit and killed in less than 24 hours.

Admiral and Memorial in Tulsa has a lot of businesses and therefore a lot of people walking around. Last night a man died after being hit by a truck while running across the street.

"It is a dimly lit area and this individual darted out in front of this car and there was no way for the driver to stop,” said Tulsa Police Officer Jeanne Pierce.Tulsa Mother Dies After Being Hit By SUV 

Hours earlier at 91st and Yale 48-year-old Gabriella De Escato died after police say she got out of her car while arguing with her husband and started walking home.

“Both individuals were in the road when they shouldn’t have been in the road," said Pierce.

Officer Pierce says it could appear Tulsa has a serious problem with auto-pedestrian collisions.

"But it’s just they happened so close together in a short period of time," said Pierce.

Police do say this area near Admiral and Memorial is dimly lit and that crosswalks are few and far between.

"So, people are seen a lot running back and forth because they don't want to walk a half mile up the street to use the crosswalk," said Pierce. "Unfortunately, it is a bad area for that type of collision.”

The city of Tulsa didn't have anyone for us to speak with regarding the lighting problem but say they have no plans right now to add more lights. They will wait for the police report from Monday night before making any other decisions.

But police say everyone needs to remember to be careful.

"We ask pedestrians to follow the rules of the road just like we ask drivers to follow the rules of the road," said Pierce.

Both drivers of the vehicles when these collisions happened will be blood tested for their alcohol levels a standard procedure whenever anyone is killed in a traffic accident.