JENKS, Oklahoma - Jenks police officer Sergeant Brian Crain will be laid rest on Wednesday and there is an outpouring of support from community members.

Emilie Smith has had many run-ins with Sergeant Brian Crain over the years. Many of which are painful moments. But Smith said Sergeant Crain made those tough times better by being by her side.

Emilie Smith remembers when her grandson Joe ran away from home. She said Sergeant Crain was one of the first officers on the scene.

"He talked to Joe first and he talked to Joe about the choices he made the danger he put himself in and how upsetting it was for his mom and the rest of the family and really was kind of like a dad to him," said Emilie Smith.

Weeks later, Smith said her grandson took his own life. Once again, she said Sergeant Crain was one of the first Officers to arrive.

"You could feel his compassion without getting all upset or anything he really set the tone," said Emilie Smith.”

Smith said Crain held her close and comforted her. Smith who said she was married to a Police Officer for more than 30 years said she knows how difficult it can be for Police Officers to open up. But that was not an issue for Crain.

"Him being so personal and real as a person not detached and cold made getting through that day bearable in a very unbearable situation," said Smith.

And about a year ago Smith said son had a heart attack and died. She said when she saw Crain in town, he made a point to check on her.

"I told him as well as can be expected," said Smith.

Smith said she's devastated by his passing and wants his family to know he was a hero.

"Not the generic hero but a specific hero and the thing that made him a hero was that he cared for people, that he genuinely cared for people and the love that they knew coming from him he shared with people too and that's what makes him a hero and a great man," said Smith.

Sergeant Crain died over the weekend after he suffered a heart attack. His funeral is Wednesday at the New Spring Family Church.