TULSA, Oklahoma - A man wanted in Osage County is in the Tulsa County Jail after leading police on an overnight chase. 

Police arrested Shelvon Williams and say he reached for a gun during the pursuit.

An officer spotted Williams' vehicle parked outside of an apartment complex near 21st and Garnett. The officer waited for a while before Williams walked out to the car and started to drive away.

The officer tried to pull him over, but police said Williams drove around the block instead - then jumped out of the car and ran off.

Police say they caught up with him as he ran through a nearby shopping area. Police say that's when the man pulled out a gun and threw it on the roof of one of the businesses. 

"He's been arrested previously for some pretty serious felonies," said Sergeant Patrick Stephens, TPD. "He was already arrested for being in possession of a firearm after being a felon and still has a gun. So if we catch him again, we're going to take his gun again."

The Department of Corrections records show Williams has more than a dozen felony convictions.

Williams is now being held without bond in the Tulsa County Jail.