TULSA, Oklahoma - Demolition continues at the Tulsa Fairgrounds where the old Driller Stadium scoreboard hit the dirt. The Drillers have moved on to ONEOK Field downtown, and the old stadium is being cleared for possible future development.

"I'm just anxious for it not to look vacant," said Mark Andrus, president and CEO at Expo Square. "We'll get it nice and leveled and landscaped."

Demolition of the old health department building - built in 1957 - is expected to start by next week. Andrus said he expects the demolition work to be finished by the end of April. 

A deal to build a BMX headquarters at the corner fell through, but Andrus said they hope to find another appropriate use for the land. In the meantime, it will be seeded with grass to look as park-like as possible, he said.

Andrus said he wants the 7.5 acres at the northeast corner of the Fairgrounds to look as good as the other 232.5. 

Video shot by viewer Kirstin Levine Rech.