TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - So your parents are veterans of World War II, they've been married for more than seven decades, so how can you make their next birthdays and anniversary extra special?

Why not invite all of us to wish them well. Kay and LaVonne Berry are both Navy veterans of World War II. She was in the WAVES at the Naval Hospital in San Diego.

He was the Engineering Officer aboard the USS Thomas I Paine, a destroyer escort ship in the Atlantic guarding convoys against German submarines.

They met after the war. They happened to be in a warming shack on a ski slope in Colorado. Kay’s sister introduced them. “She said, I know that girl.” They were married six months later.

Here’s the best part, Kay chimes in with the extra details. “It was Loveland Pass, is where all this took place.”

So here’s the deal: their daughter Kathleen wanted to make their next birthdays and anniversary very special. She’s inviting all of us to send them cards. The birthdays are in April (LaVonne 95) and in July (Kay 97); their anniversary the 72nd is in September.

But why wait? Kathleen says, send them now here’s the address: 7122 South Sheridan, Suite 2-363, Tulsa OK 74133.