One day after Governor Kevin Stitt signed the permitless carry bill, we're hearing from one member of the law enforcement community about the new law.

Mounds Chief of Police Antonio Porter has an extensive law enforcement history, having served with OHP for nearly 30 years. Porter said while he's not nervous about the new law, he said come November 1st officers will have to make adjustments when interacting with someone who may or may not be armed.

Police Chief Antonio Porter said the change to the law will not change how he and his Officers treat every traffic stop.

"When we are working we are always thinking that as a Police Officer there's always a gun present somewhere," said Mounds Police Chief Antonio Porter.

Porter said while he believes more legal guns will be out on the streets come November 1, he thinks criminals will still carry a weapon no matter the law.

"The way of the state we are in right now with the break-ins, armed robberies - all this stuff that are happening and people are just defenseless right now because they are waiting for the police to show up. So now knowing - to me I think it's a plus," said Chief Porter.

When the law takes effect, anyone over the age of 21 will be able to carry a gun without a license. The same would apply to Oklahomans who are 18 and older with military experience. One significant change is people will not have to let law enforcement know they have a gun on them unless the Officer asks.

"We just hope the right people will be the ones bearing arms because sometimes you may have someone that's not in the right state of mind and they are carrying a weapon. That's not good," Chief Porter said.

Porter says his department will continue to enforce the law no matter what, but officers will need to be more aware.

"We're just gonna have to be more vigilant," he said.

"We try to just continue to be proactive in our jobs, you know, and not try to overreact but use common sense."

We want to make clear this is just one Chief's Opinion. The Chief does still recommend that everyone go through a training class.