TULSA, Oklahoma - Two Good Samaritans are being credited with helping Tulsa Police save a suicidal man's life, and it was all caught on camera.

A Tulsa Police Officer's body cam shows a group of people holding onto a man as he dangled off the side of the Denver Avenue bridge. They were able to pull him to safety.

Officers say the three people holding onto the suicidal man had been gripping him so tightly, for so long - they were struggling to keep holding on.

The headlights of oncoming traffic are rushing underneath, a man is dangling off the bridge, and two strangers are refusing to let go. This is the scene Tulsa Police Officer Daniels is running up on.

Officer Daniels can be heard in video from his body camera saying, “Don't do this. Come on man. Do not do this. I am here for you. I don't want you to die, and I know you don't want to die."

You can hear the three men try to talk the man off the ledge - but he is fighting their grip.

"Come back over and let’s talk about this," said Daniels.

Officer Daniels calls for backup, and Officer Matthew Dunn and Officer Josh Marquette race to the scene.

"When I heard the serious tone in his voice, I knew he was looking at something," said Tulsa Police Officer Josh Marquette, “I didn't want him to slip out of their hands a second or two before I got there."

As soon as the two officers get on scene, they jump into action. It takes all five people to pull the suicidal man back over the ledge and to safety.

"I would say the relief came once we had him in custody because - he was still fighting to try and get back over the edge," said Tulsa Police Officer Matthew Dunn.

Officers say they took the man to a crisis clinic. They say the two strangers who helped save his life, got in their cars, and left.

"I hate to think what would've happened if Officer Daniels was the only one on this call, they were already struggling with three people," said Dunn.

"I think I would've thanked the two gentleman a little more than I did. They are the ones that saved this guy’s life," said Marquette.

Tulsa Police say they still do not know who the two Good Samaritans were. They say the suicidal man is alive and getting help from trained professionals.