TULSA, Oklahoma - People are gathering at the Guthrie Green in downtown Tulsa for a School Pride Race and wellness festival on Saturday.

This is the 19th year of this fundraiser that raises money for physical education programs in Tulsa. Since it's a school pride event everyone is supposed to wear t-shirts or hoodies from their schools.

The Trophy for the school with most participants is named after Kristin Hutcherson a teacher who passed away from the flu a few years ago. The event really focuses on Encouraging healthy lifestyles and being active.

"The entry fees benefit the Tulsa public schools physical education department. So that's the benefactor of this race. We do most of our runs. Our school does nine community runs throughout the year," said teacher Linda Hilsabeck.

The Okie Crossfit is at 9:30 and the wellness festival will be open till 11:30 at the Guthrie Green.