The City of Tulsa will mobilize at midnight to clear roads of ice and snow. The City has 49 salt trucks ready to respond as soon as freezing rain moves in.

The forecast for rain first, then freezing rain, means pre-treatment won’t help. The salt water spray sometimes used on road to keep ice from sticking washes away in the rain.
If the rain turns to sleet or snow, city workers will salt and plow the roads at the same time.
The City crews will report in to start loading trucks, then go out to monitor conditions.
Street Maintenance Director Tim McCorkell said “We have a type of monitoring system in our vehicles that tell us the road surface temperatures and also the air temperature. We have 3 sensors in the roadway, one by the 71st Street bridge, one at 61st and Sheridan, and out at Apache and Tisdale that we can monitor from our computers in the office.”
The City plows arterial streets and some expressways within City limits, while ODOT and the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority also respond on their roads.