TULSA, Oklahoma - First responders are issuing warnings for those who have to go out in the cold.

First responders say the majority of calls they are getting right now are from people slipping on ice, and the coldest air of the season could keep that ice on the ground for a couple days.

Emergency crews across the state are urging people to watch out for slick spots on the roads and take precautions when spending any time in the cold.

EMSA Field Operations Supervisor, Colin Roy says "If you're going outside, tell someone; go with your phone so you have a way to call 911 if you do fall and then, of course, bundle up in layers."

Many of the larger school districts in the area have already announced they will be out Monday. 

While most of the schools are out this morning, there are a few still in session.

To see a list of school closures, click here.