TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police are increasing their numbers in downtown Tulsa due to the growth the area has experienced, city leaders announced Monday, March 4. The Downtown Tulsa Impact Team will double in size - from one to two squads and supervisors.

The new squad and supervisor will serve as community resource officers working with residents, business owners and other downtown "stakeholders" to address public safety needs.

"This shift in police presence recognizes the changing nature of Downtown Tulsa," said Mayor G.T. Bynum.

"Downtown is no longer primarily an office location that is vacant after hours. It has become the entertainment district for this region of the country, and we’ve seen over a billion dollars in private investment as a result. That growth and investment benefits every Tulsan, and the importance of safety in facilitating that growth made this a clear priority for the City."

Chief of Police Chuck Jordan said the department is continuing to evolve in its efforts to meet the city's needs.

TPD is partnering with the Downtown Coordinating Council to open a Public Safety Hub at 416 South Main Street where the new squad will be housed. It will allow officers to quickly respond to any issues in the downtown area - and they hope to have it open to the public a few hours each day at some point in the future.