TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - Tulsa Public Schools announced after canceling classes Monday, along with dozens of the other districts, they are planning to be open on Tuesday.

The announcement to close received mixed opinions. Some parents said they're glad their students don't have to brave the bitter cold and go to school today.

"I can put him in the car and I'll drive down to the bus stop and we'll sit and wait for the bus," Tulsa mom Christie Stratton said. "But not every parent has the ability to do that, or is willing to do that."

As soon as schools began posting school was out, the comments started pouring in. Some from parents who weren't so happy about the cancellation. But Stratton said she feels administrators made the right call.

"I think we should trust that, and even if we don't necessarily agree with it, that's our kid's school," she said.

Stratton said she wants other parents to remember that not all kids have what they need to deal with winter weather.

"You see little kids that show up at school, and they don't have proper jackets, they don't have gloves, they don't have hats," she said.

The Tulsa Health Department said those layers are incredibly important, especially when temperatures get as low as they did on Monday.

"We do encourage folks to stay home and limit their exposure to outside temperatures, to dress in those warm layers, and to stay dry is really important," THD's Jessica Rice said.

TPS has already announced plans to be back open Tuesday, but with temperatures hovering around or below freezing, the district is still encouraging kids to dress warmly.