MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma - One man is dead and three women are injured after a stabbing that led to an Officer Involved shooting in Muskogee.

Debbie Ennis said it was a very hectic scene Tuesday afternoon

"It's a good neighborhood its normally quiet," said Debbie Ennis. 

Just after 3:30 p.m. Tuesday afternoon Police got a call about a stabbing and immediately went inside this home when they arrived to the scene.

"Found one victim that had been stabbed on the floor suspect was also inside the house," said Public Information Officer Lincoln Anderson with the Muskogee Police Department. 

Police also found another woman with stab wounds and a third who had been hit. Police said the male suspect was holding a large kitchen knife. Officers said they tried to deescalate the situation and tased the suspect but it had no effect.

"They were able to get the three victims out and away from the suspect," said Officer Anderson. 

Police then moved outside and got the victims to safety before the suspect came outside with the knife and began coming toward Officers. Police fired bean bags and also used a flash bang to try to disorient him but they said the man didn't drop the knife.

"We've used three types of less lethal force none were effective on getting the suspect to comply," said Officer Anderson. 

Police said that's when the man charged toward them and Officers shot and killed the man. Anderson said Muskogee Police are continuing to investigate and when they gather all the information it will be submitted to the District Attorneys Office.

"I've got to give the investigators time to process the scene, talk to the witnesses, talk to the victims, talk to the officers, and start piecing all this together," said Anderson

The conditions and names of the three women have not been released along with the name of the man.