OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma - Governor Kevin Stitt and Republicans at the capitol say they want to see more accountability in Oklahoma government, but not everyone agrees with their plans to achieve it.

Stitt held a press conference on Tuesday with leaders from both the house and the Senate to announce an agreement to expand powers for the governor.

The agreement would give the governor the power to hire and fire the directors of five of our state's largest agencies. Those agencies are the Department of Transportation, Department of Corrections, Office of Juvenile Affairs, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, and the Oklahoma Health Care Authority.

"They give the Governor the authority to actually deliver the services that Oklahomans want somebody to make sure that we're holding our agencies accountable, delivering those services. So, that's the purpose of this bill," said Governor Stitt.

Democrats say these laws could have the opposite effect.

House Minority Leader Emily Virgin says quote, "This plan isn't about providing transparency. It is about acquiring power." House Democrats say they weren't even invited to the press conference. But the governor says he's hoping for their support.

I’m being very, very inclusive and bringing them along to explain this and I think you’ll see them support it,” said Stitt.

Governor Stitt says he expects a plan on his desk as early as next week.