TULSA, Oklahoma - Logan Mayberry has been delivering mail for a little over a year. He walks 22 miles each day and comes across a lot of different things along his route - but never an emergency like he experienced on Thursday. 

“I just heard, 'help, help,' and I was like where is that coming from? And then I realized it was coming from the door, and that’s when I ran over," he said.

Wreatha Hoke, 89, was cooking lunch on the stove when she fell and couldn’t get back up. The house quickly filled with smoke, the food even catching on fire as Hoke pulled herself along the floor to the front door.

“I prayed. I said, 'Lord if you can get me up and take me to the doorknob, I think I can get somebody outside,'" she said.

That person outside just so happened to be Logan Mayberry, a temp mailman on her route.

“It’s definitely a miracle that she was able to reach the doorknob and notify me, and it’s also a miracle that I heard her," Mayberry said.

Mayberry put out the fire, called 911 and helped Hoke up onto the sofa until emergency crews arrived. Hoke was rushed to the hospital but didn’t suffer any serious injuries in the fall, just a bump to the back of her head.

Hoke and her family are just thankful that Mayberry was nearby and was able to get to her so quickly.

“I was very thankful he was close by and heard me, but I believe it was God that led him here,” Hoke said.