TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police are investigating an attempted break-in tonight after a homeowner says the same man tried to break in twice in the past month.

The homeowner posted the video on Facebook to see if anyone would recognize him, and then he found out that he wasn't the only person this man was trying to burglarize. Surveillance Video shows the man walking up to the door and kicking it several times until the alarm goes off, then he runs away.

“I keep racking my brain trying to figure out if I know this guy, but there’s no recognition whatsoever,” said Homeowner, Michael Kizlinski.

Michael Kizlinski says he was at work on Monday when his phone went off saying his home security alarm was activated.

“You can see he kind of jumped like he definitely heard the alarm,” said Kizlinski.

Despite several warnings that the property was under audio and video surveillance, he still opened the door and tried to break in on two separate occasions.

“He made a lot more attempts at the door this time and was just as successful as he was the first time, he didn’t get in,” said Kizlinski.

Kizlinski says he didn't get away with anything and was gone within thirty seconds both times. He says he was also caught on camera driving the same car both times.

He posted the video on Facebook and says one of his neighbors recognized what the suspect was wearing. They believe the same man burglarized their home a few miles away on the same day.

“He was wearing a surgical mask on his face, charcoal gray sweatshirt and sweatpants with the Puma down the left leg,” said Kizlinski.

Kizlinski called his daughter, Nicole, to ask her to look at the video.

She says she didn't recognize the suspect, but it's unsettling to know he came back twice.

“I was really upset and angry because someone is either out to get me or my dad or my sister and that's not okay with me,” said Nicole Kizlinski.

Because ultimately, they just want to know why them.

“You know I keep beating myself up and what leads to part of that stress is you know what have I done or am I just the lucky guy to get it twice,” said Kizlinski.

If you recognize the man from this security video, call Tulsa Police at 918-596-COPS.