TULSA, Oklahoma - For over an hour and during a shooting, part of Tulsa's 911 dispatch center was down. Police say at least 1 call about the shooting was able to get through.

The 911 center is back open at this time. They say some of their phones were working while others weren't. But luckily, one of the calls about the shooting came through and they were able to send police, fire, and EMS out to the scene.

Tulsa Police say AT&T was made aware of the issues immediately and worked hard to get it back up as soon as they could.

They say some of the calls would come in as dead air, so they could see there was a phone call, but no one was on the other line. They say this impacted the city of Tulsa, Tulsa County, and Sand Springs.

During this time, they were encouraging people to call non-emergency numbers to get through to emergency services.

“For people, if it’s an emergency we need to render aid or get EMSA there, fire or police to get there, they need to be able to get through so we can get those calls in there so we can get out there and help,” said Tulsa Police Officer Danny Bean.

Officer Bean says the center was back up within an hour and a half and should be working as normal at this time.