SAYRE, Oklahoma - An Oologah woman just released from prison in January is back behind bars; this time accused of shooting contraband over a prison fence with a t-shirt gun.

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections says security at North Fork Correctional Center in Sayre saw someone launch a package over the fence Sunday morning near a housing unit. They say they locked down the unit and followed the suspect and OHP pulled her over not far from the prison.

They arrested Kerri Jo Hickman and say they found a t-shirt gun and another plastic package in her vehicle. They booked her into the Beckham County jail for introducing contraband into a penal institution, conspiracy and drug trafficking.

Kerri Hickman, Beckham County Jail.

D.O.C. says the container that went over the fence contained cell phones, ear buds, chargers, meth, digital scales, pot, and tobacco.

Records show Hickman has prior convictions in Kay, Kiowa, and Pawnee Counties for drug possession dating back to 2005. The Rogers County Sheriff's office says her home in Oologah was also searched and turned up more drugs.

This is an arrest, not a conviction.