SAPULPA, Oklahoma - Police say a teacher in Sapulpa is charged with lewd molestation after a female student accused him of groping her.

Police said he’d been grooming the girl for quite some time.

A second girl said the teacher touched her inappropriately by standing too close to her body with his body.

Sapulpa Lieutenant Troy Foreman said Begines was "playful" with the girls. The affidavit said the teacher took a Rubix cube from one of the girls and hid it in a supply closet.

When the girl went to get the toy, she told police Begines followed her into the closet and reached his hand down the front of her shirt, groping her.

The affidavit said he whispered to her, "You're going to get me in so much trouble."

"You've got somebody that's in the classroom for an hour, six hours of the day, and something like this is happening,” Foreman said. “That's kind of unnerving for a parent."

The affidavit said both victims also told police Begines would rub his privates on their arms while he "checked their work."

Foreman said there were no warning signs this was going on inside Begines classroom.

"I know that's one of the biggest things that's concerning for a parent,” Foreman said. “I send my child to school each day and I entrust the safety of my child with the school bus driver, with the teachers at the school."

The school district released this statement:

"We are aware of the investigation surrounding a former teacher at one of our schools. On the day the allegation was brought forward we began an investigation in conjunction with Sapulpa Police Department and the teacher was removed from the classroom. As this is a criminal matter involving a former employee, any further questions must be referred to the authorities."

The Creek County District Attorney charged Begines with one count of lewd molestation.