TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Tulsa mother is upset after the man charged with murdering her daughter was allowed out of jail on bond.

Sabrina Meier was 20 and the mother of a one-year-old girl when she was killed in the fall of 2017. Prosecutors say Sabrina had dated Xavier Dixon and they don't believe he thought she was a burglar breaking in when he shot her. Dixon went on trial last month for first-degree murder, but the case ended in a hung jury, so he's going on trial again next month. In the meantime, he's out of jail.

"The judge literally lowers his bond from $500,000 to 25,000, which 10% of that is $2,500 and they had no problem coming up with that," said Sabrina's mother Christy Meier

Police say Dixon first told them he shot through a window at what he thought was a burglar, but, later said he went outside and fired several more times before he realized it was Sabrina, then called 9-1-1.

"He's accused of murder in the first degree, the charges are still there. It may have been a hung jury, but, it's not like they said he's innocent," said Meier


Dixon's attorney asked for a $1,000 bond, arguing Dixon is a 22-year-old man with no criminal history, who has lifelong ties to the community and had a job before his arrest. He argued Dixon is not a danger and bail is not to be used as punishment, only to assure someone shows up for trial. Dixon is wearing a GPS monitor and he posted on Facebook yesterday, once he's allowed to get it off, he's gone.

"He now gets out and gets six more weeks of freedom. My daughter doesn't get that. She doesn't get six weeks of anything," said Meier.


Christy is now raising Sabrina's daughter and says all she wants is justice. The judge who lowered the bail is out of state and not available for comment. Dixon's next trial is  April 8th.