A Tulsa teenager has pleaded guilty to one of the most violent crime sprees in Tulsa's history. Deonte Green decided not to go to trial next month, but, instead, admitted to murder and a long list of other violent crimes.

Deonte Green was sixteen when he killed Broken Arrow teacher Shane Anderson and sexually assaulted an 81-year-old woman. Wednesday, he admitted to those crimes and many more.

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Deonte Green's decision to admit to his crimes means the victims won't have to go through the additional pain of going through a trial. Green's trial was less than a month away, but rather than face a jury, he chose to plead guilty to 20 charges, including murdering Broken Arrow school teacher Shane Anderson and sexually assaulting an 81-year-old woman along with committing a string of armed robberies and home invasions.

"He was a menace, basically, wherever he went," said Retired Tulsa Police Sergeant Dave Walker during the 2017 investigation.

Green went on his crime spree on October first of 2017. He broke into an elderly couple's home and forced them at gunpoint to drive to an ATM to withdraw money and while there, robbed someone who tried to help.

He sexually assaulted the elderly woman after he forced the couple to drive him back to their house. Next, Green forced a woman and her two daughters into their house at gunpoint and when Shane Anderson saw what was happening, he tried to protect his family.

“He comes out of his bedroom and sees a stranger with a gun, and he does not hesitate, he gets in a struggle with Green and Green shoots. He continues to struggle with Green until he collapsed," said Walker.

Shane died in front of his wife and two daughters. Green committed several more crimes before officers arrested him that night.

Last year, Green's attorneys argued he had a low IQ and mental health issues but prosecutors argued regardless of his IQ, he understood what he'd done and a jury found him competent to stand trial.