Two kids in Broken Arrow were in for a heartwarming surprise on Wednesday. Their dad, MSG Kent Simpson of the U.S. Army, surprised them at their schools.

Simpson, who has been stationed in Afghanistan, is back home for two weeks.

“I’ve been over there for five months,” he said. “I’ve been gone a total of six.”

The first surprise came at Timber Ridge Elementary, to surprise second-grader Levi. In front of the whole school, Kent walked out.

“You cried!” Simpson said as he held Levi shortly after. “They were happy tears,” said Levi.

The next surprise happened at Oneta Ridge Middle School. Sixth-grader Lily was surprised at lunch.

“I want to get up really early and have cuddles with him and watch our favorite show,” she said, shortly after hugging her father.

The kids plan to go fishing with their dad and Bass Pro is hooking them up with some fishing gear. Simpson will head back to Afghanistan in two weeks, before coming back full time this summer.