TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police have made an arrest in the city's latest homicide.

The suspect's name is Michael Bowen. Police say he might be connected to the murder of Jacob Murphy. A neighbor tells News On 6, Jacob was a good man, who did not deserve to die like this.

Police say a neighbor found Jacob Murphy face down in his apartment on North College Avenue.

"It is terrible to find out that that was him and that he is gone now because I really looked forward to getting to know him better - I had hoped to," said Buddy Golightly III.

Neighbors say they remember seeing Jacob out frequently with his dog. Buddy Golightly says he and Jacob met because of their dogs.

They only knew each other several months, and in that short amount of time Buddy says, Jacob's kindness made a lasting impact.

"I don't know anybody over there, but I have talked to him now several times and I have made a point to go out there and talk to him just because he was so nice to me," said Golightly.

Tulsa Police say another neighbor heard a gunshot and waited for some people to leave the apartment before they went over to check it out - but no one called police until four hours later when someone found Jacob lying face down in the apartment.

"There is a delay in reporting this one also, had we been called immediately, no fault to anybody but had we been called immediately we might have been able to actually catch those individuals who were still in the residence whether or not they had anything to do with it or not," said Tulsa Police Officer Jeanne Pierce.

Detectives are following leads, trying to figure out why Jacob died. Detectives say they arrested Michael Bowen in connection with the murder.

Bowen spoke to News On 6 while he was in custody. He indicated he was being attacked and tried to shoot Jacob's dog but shot the man instead.

The medical examiner found out that Jacob Murphy had been shot in the upper torso.