HOMINY, Oklahoma - Three people are in jail on drug complaints following a traffic stop.

Hominy police said an officer stopped a car for speeding through town on Highway 99 Tuesday. The officer called in an Osage County K9 unit for help and said the K9 officer alerted drugs were in the car.

When officers searched the car, they said they found methamphetamine, marijuana and multiple pounds of tobacco in the car. Investigators said some of the items were wrapped with electrical tape. Officers said is a common method used to get contraband into prison facilities.

Police said the traffic stop happened at  2:30 Tuesday morning just four miles south of the Dick Conner Correctional Center.

Tiffany and Darren Hill and Acamie Moton were arrested. Jail records show the Hills live in Oklahoma City and Moton is from McAlester.

Police said the three are facing multiple charges including conspiracy, drug possession with intent to distribute and distribution of a controlled substance to a minor.