JENKS, Oklahoma - It’s prom season and Spring Break. At Jenks High School, it’s time for the 13th “It’s Your Choice” event.

Jenks seniors get to see and hear about what might happen if they make bad choices. The school invites first responders and community partners to come to the school and share experiences and procedures with students and they don’t pull any punches.

Senior Cade Mattke says it really hit home. “I’ve learned that drunk driving is a terrible thing to do.”

A funeral director talks to them about death. Jenks fire demonstrates the jaws of life and tells the kids about extracting victims from mangled vehicles.

Jenks Police were on hand with drunk goggles to show students how alcohol and drugs can impair vision and coordination. Life Flight and EMSA shared details of accident scenes and how rides to the hospital might go.

“Maybe makes them think twice about making sure that seat belt is buckled and that cell phone is put away,” EMSA Paramedic Lacey Shafer said.