Eight police officers who shot and killed a Muskogee man were legally justified, Muskogee County District Attorney Orvil Loge announced Thursday.

Danny Lee Brogdon was shot and killed on the afternoon of March 5 after he stabbed two women before rushing at officers with a knife.

The eight officers involved in this case were Sgt. Ron Yates, Sgt. Jeremy Jenkins, Officer Jody Standridge, Officer Danny Dupont, Officer Michelle Ogden, Officer Shawn Brown, Officer Josh Garza, and Officer Donald Cox. Prosecutors determined that each officer tried to de-escalate the situation with Brogdon and that every attempt to negotiate a surrender with him was met with "statements of demise."

"Brogdon was determined to die," prosecutors said.

Officers fired 31 times at Brogdon, hitting him 28.

"Our officers did everything they possibly could have done yesterday to prevent from having to shoot Mr. Brogdon,” Officer Lincoln Anderson said in a story posted on March 6.

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