TULSA, Oklahoma - Rogers County deputies seized more than $85,000 in a traffic stop Thursday that was in a hidden compartment.

Lieutenant Ron Walker said he's made thousands of drug stops throughout his career but he said the compartment used in this stop is one of the most sophisticated he's ever seen.

"They actually removed the windshield to cut into the firewall in the dash area where we can't see," Walker said. "Because they know we're looking for signs that somebody has been there."

That's where Walker said he and his deputies found thousands of dollars.

"It's very smart the way they did it," he said.

Walker believes this isn't the first time this car has been used in a drug run.

"It takes narcotics north and then the proceeds south," he said.

The man and woman inside the car were questioned but signed disclaimers saying they had no idea the bundles of money were stashed away inside the car. Because the couple didn't own the car and most of the money was stashed inside the hidden compartment, the sheriff said they let them go.

"People lose their lives when business deals go bad on the side of the road like that," Sheriff Scott Walton said.

But they're not scot-free yet. Walker said he'll continue investigating the case until he figures out the truth.

"If I don't have everything, then I have nothing," he said. "That's how I treat it. In 26 years, I've never lost a case."