Several mothers held a peaceful protest Friday at Tulsa's Municipal Courthouse after a woman says she saw a city employee telling a mom not to breastfeed her child in public.

The women braved the cold wind to come out and prove a point. They say there's no shame when it comes to breastfeeding in public.

Earlier this week, a woman says she saw a bailiff at Tulsa's Municipal Courthouse tell a mother to breastfeed her baby in the bathroom instead of the hallway. City leaders said they would investigate the situation.

The incident sparked frustration from a lot of mothers and other people in the community. Brooke Jensen is one of several women who decided to feed their babies near the municipal court entrance Friday.

She says people need to move past the stigma toward breastfeeding.

"We have to feed our babies when they're hungry, not whenever it's convenient for other people," said Jensen.