TULSA, Oklahoma - For the first time, a Tulsa woman shares her story of her husband being murdered in their own home.

Darcie Anderson says she and her children are struggling to rebuild their lives. Her son is in college and her girls had to move into a new home, switch schools. Darcie struggles to leave the house without panic attacks, for fear anyone could be an attacker."

"Shane and I were both at Union," said Darcie.

Darcie and Shane met at OU, got married, had a son and two daughters. He taught seventh grade, she worked as a retail manager and their life was focused on family.

Shane had been an Eagle Scout, was a Star Wars fan, and loved to read.

"From the moment our kids were born, Shane would read a book and I would read a book and he would sing a lion sleeps tonight or Goodnight sweetheart," said Darcie.

On October first, 2017, Shane was grading papers in the bedroom. Darcie stopped home from work to make the girls lunch before she ran out to pick up their son from church and take one of the girls to dance.

"I was met with a gun in my face and told to go back in the house. He was demanding money, where the money was. I told him we don't keep cash around the house," said Darcie.

He put the gun to her head and told her to go toward the bedrooms. One of the girls screamed for Shane and he flew toward them.

"All he was doing was trying to get the gun away from him," said Darcie.

She locked the girls in the bathroom as Shane and Deonte Green wrestled toward the living room. She heard the gunshot, ran to the living room and saw Shane in a pool of blood. Green demanded her phone.

"I need to use this phone to call someone for my husband because trust me, you don't want him to die. You don't want that on you. You need to leave my house now," said Darcie.

Darcie later learned Green had just done a home invasion of an elderly couple and raped an 81-year-old woman. She's relieved he's pleaded guilty and plans to read a victim impact statement at his sentencing.

"I want him to know what he took from this world. Shane was a father, husband, son, brother, mentor, friend, a teacher. There's so many people whose lives Shane touched," said Darcie

Darcie says she re-lives that day over and over, but, she looks forward to when she can focus on all the wonderful memories she and Shane and their kids shared.