HOUSTON, Texas - For the first time since Steve Kirby, a former Checotah police sergeant, was nearly killed in a car accident on Thanksgiving we’re getting an update from his doctor on his condition.

Steve has been getting specialized treatment for his brain injury at TIRR Memorial Hermann in Houston for the past eight weeks.

“We quickly identified that he was indeed conscious, but it wasn't clear what he was understanding or seeing so we went to work looking for what he could and couldn't do,” his doctor, Katherine O’Brien said.

O’Brien tells News On 6 during her first evaluation, Steve was demonstrating signs of consciousness - something that she doesn’t believe his family had heard up to that point.

Steve was in a coma and unconscious for several weeks following a car crash on Thanksgiving. Police say a man driving a truck ran a stop sign hitting Steve. The other driver was killed in the crash.

In the weeks before transferring to Houston and during his therapy there, Steve has been able to give a thumbs-up, fist bump, pucker for a kiss and even stand up.

“We continue to see him improve so that always makes us happy 'cause we can't ask for anything but that. We don't know where we will get him, but we know we're at least moving in the right direction,” O’Brien said.

Steve’s team of doctors will decide on Wednesday if he will be granted another extension to continue therapy there. If not he will be sent home or to a facility closer to home to continue to heal.

“The big unknown that everyone wants to know is where will he end up? When what will be the ultimate outcome and that's the hardest unknown because it's the one we all want to know.”