TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa mother believes her son's kind and generous nature, got him killed.

Police say Jacob Murphy was shot in the chest inside his home last Wednesday by a man he'd given a temporary place to stay. On Tuesday, Jacob's mother spoke about her loss.

Jacob’s family describes him as an old soul in a younger man's body. They say he was all about helping people who were down and out, whether it was buying a sandwich for a homeless person or giving his coat to someone he just met in a parking lot.

They say he loved his son and daughter, was a whiz at Jeopardy, an excellent cook, had taught ballroom dancing, could paint and could sing.

"He had a voice that was out of this world," said Carla Murphy.

Jacob had been in a car wreck that broke his back and a skating accident that broke both his arms and gone through a divorce. His family believes because he'd been through so much, he felt destined to help others who were struggling.

"He watched out for everybody that way," said Murphy.

His mother says that's why Jacob let Michael Bowen and his girlfriend stay with him off and on when they had nowhere else to go.

  She says she'd told Jacob Bowen was trouble.

"He knew he needed to go ahead and get the couple out of his house," said Murphy.

Last Monday, Carla says she ran some food over to Jacob for his dog, Yeager and after she'd gotten into the car to leave, Jacob stopped her.

"I rolled down the window and said what and he reached in and gave me a hug and a kiss and I kinda chuckled and he goes, that's just in case I never get to do that again," said Murphy,

And, he didn't because two days later, he was dead, shot in the chest, police say, by Bowen.

Police say Bowen told them, the two men were arguing, and Yeager attacked him so he tried to shoot the dog, but, shot Jacob instead, then fled the house in a panic, never calling for help. Carla is now planning her son's funeral and trying to understand why someone she believed was so kind and giving, was killed so needlessly.

People can help the family with funeral expenses by going to the Jacob Murphy Facebook go fund me account or send donations to Bank of the  West in Jacob’s name.