TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa woman says a man exposed himself to her as she was driving in South Tulsa.

Police say what the woman did next, will most likely help them solve the case.

Police say the victim was capable enough and smart enough to pull out her cell phone and shoot video of the suspect doing what he was doing and they believe that's the kind of evidence that will help them make an arrest.

We can't show you the video for obvious reasons, but police say this is a picture of the man's face captured from that video.


The 23-year-old victim says she was driving near 81st and Memorial at 12-30 in the afternoon on January 18th, in a red or maroon Ford Expedition.

"In the video, it's very clear exactly what he's doing, looking at her, making eye contact, raising up his hips and touching himself," said TPD Sgt. Jillian Phippen.

She says having video evidence is huge in a case like this. She says the sooner they can get him identified and arrested, the better.

“They may start exposing themselves, then peeping into windows then they quickly progress to grabbing a victim or touching them physically or taking them and sexually assaulting them," she said.

She says men often commit these types of crimes just to get a reaction from the victim. She says victims often tell their family and friends what happened, but, don't contact law enforcement.

"If you're driving a car or sitting in a parking lot and you look over and see somebody touching themselves, please call the police," said Phippen.

Some people are reluctant to call police because they don't want to get someone in trouble if they really didn't do anything, but, police say they're not going to make an arrest just on your tip. They're going to take that information and go do a follow-up investigation before they take any action.

If anyone recognizes the suspect, they can call Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.