TULSA, Oklahoma - Police are investigating a homicide after discovering a burned body at a home in a neighborhood near 46th Street North and Peoria.

The victim has been identified as 49-year-old Tracy Russell. 

Officials say they received information Wednesday about a possible homicide in this area, and when they got to this residence they found a woman who had been killed. 

Tulsa Police say Tracy Russell was killed inside her home near 46th Street North and Peoria.  The suspect, Jessica Lavon McBride, is now in the Tulsa County jail facing a murder charge and a charge for arson. 

According to police, McBride admits she strangled the victim a few days ago after they got in an argument.

"She actually confessed to strangling the victim after an argument," said Officer Jeanne Pierce, Tulsa Police.

When police arrived at the residence to investigate, they found the remains of the woman who had been killed. Police also located McBride outside the house with camp fuel in her hand, and she later told them this was her second attempt to destroy evidence. 

"She initially tried to burn the body, and it didn't burn completely so she went and bought lighter fluid to try it again," the officer said. 

A confidential source let officers know about the homicide in the first place.

"This could have been a cold case," Pierce said.

"The fact that that individual trusted us enough to tell us that information - it really means a lot," she said.

Lorna Washington lives down the street and said she was good friends with Russell.

"We both read the Bible together," Washington said. "Like when I was down, she tried to keep me cheered."

Tracy Russell's family did not want to speak on camera but told me her faith was important to her, and she loved animals. Police say Russell may have been killed earlier this week.

"I was over here a couple days back, and nobody answered the door," said neighbor and friend Lorna Washington.

Russell would have been 50 years old in May.