Sapulpa Police have identified a 17-year-old who was driving a pickup truck that may have caused an SUV to flip multiple times.

After News On 6 shared video of the wreck on Thursday, police say a man and his step-son came into police headquarters letting them know the teen was the driver.

Police will be investigating to see if he will be ticketed.

The two people in the SUV are also speaking out.

Emma Lee Battle said she had just picked up her grandson, Kache from pre-school when the white pickup, pulling a trailer kept veering into her lane.

"He kept jumping in front of me, and I would get in the other lane because I didn't want to ride behind him,” said Battle.

But Battle says while trying to pass him, he came over again.

Trying to avoid him, she lost control and flipped over the guardrail.

Battle was buckled in and rode it out, with only some bumps and bruises.

But once the car settled, 5-year-old Kache was not in the backseat.

"I kept asking, 'where's my baby, where's my baby?'" said Battle.

Turns out, Kache was nearly 40 feet away at the base of a tree, thrown through the back window after somehow becoming unbuckled.

But miraculously, he had no cuts on him, other than some blood in his mouth and a broken elbow.

Battle says God was looking over them.

"I know it was God!" said Battle.

Kache had surgery on his arm and will probably need another one.

But the family says they’re thankful, knowing this could have been worse.