BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - Ashleigh Rosson has two businesses in one building, both in honor of her late nephew. She says he died when he was just 14 years old, four months after being diagnosed with epilepsy.

Rosson says she opened Compassionate Alternative Medicine Dispensary, not just to sell medical marijuana, but to educate people because she believes cannabis is medicine.

"I realized that had we had the resources then that we have now this tragedy could have been prevented," says Rosson. 

After a year and a half of research and preparation, Ashleigh opened an information resource center next to her dispensary. She says anyone can talk one-on-one with her staff about any questions they have.

"I have people walk in on a regular basis saying what can you tell me? What is it? They don't know the difference between hemp, they don't know the difference between marijuana," Rosson says.

Both operations are under the same roof, but Rosson says they serve two different purposes.

"On that side, no cannabis products are allowed. It's merely for education,” says employee Chance Oviedo. “It's for getting people geared up for what they might be getting into. How to get their doctor's recommendation from their card."

Rosson says she learned the ins and outs of the business from a 75-year-old woman in California who has dispensaries in four different states.

"If I ever referred to it as marijuana or weed she would, in her little 5'3 stature would smack my hand and grit her teeth and say this is medicine," Rosson says.

Rosson says she hopes to change the stigma about Marijuana and CBD one patient at a time, by helping other families in need.

"My goal and my passion is to prevent this from happening to anyone else and another family," says Rosson.