OWASSO, Oklahoma - An Owasso woman is critically injured after being hit by a suspected drunk driver.

Debbi Scott and her daughter were headed home Saturday afternoon after a day of shopping when OHP says a drunk driver swerved into their lane.

They say the suspect crashed down the driver's side of the car with such force, it ripped the door right off.

News On 6 learned this is the suspect’s third DUI arrest.

Debbi has a fractured bone in her neck, fractured ribs, numerous breaks in her pelvis, a shattered knee cap and a broken shinbone. She'll spend months in a wheelchair, then months more in therapy, learning to walk again. The other driver was arrested and bonded out of jail three days later.

Debbi and her daughter Hanna were shopping because Debbi was supposed to start a new job this week. Hanna saw the driver coming at them, swerving.

"She noticed it and said, oh my gosh and she had time to throw her arm up in front of me, like a mom does," Hanna.

When the car came to a stop, Debbi wasn't saying anything, and Hanna feared the worst.

“It was terrifying because your mom is the one who gave you life, has always protected you and to see her lifeless," said Hanna.

Just four years ago, Hanna's sister was also hit by a drunk driver. Her sister's massive injuries are just now healing and her best friend was killed in that crash.

"I just want to tell them, stop hurting families, stop destroying people's lives," she said.

Troopers arrested Erin Gentry. Records show she pleaded guilty to DUI in Tulsa County in 2003 and got a 1-year suspended sentence and 56 hours community service. She pleaded guilty to DUI in Washington County in 2009 and got 4 days in jail and a 1-year suspended sentence.

"It's so irritating and makes you so angry because I don't understand why it just keeps happening," said Hanna.

She says her strong faith is helping her through this and she's putting all of her focus on helping her mother recover, but she does hope Gentry goes to prison, this time around.