OOLOGAH, Oklahoma - A Rogers County deputy is recovering after he was shot during a fight with a suspect. The shot came from another deputy’s gun and investigators are working to figure out exactly what happened.

Kelby Bradshaw is in the Rogers County Jail on several assault complaints. Bradshaw’s father has a five-year protective order against Kelby, for attacking and choking him but deputies said Bradshaw violated that protective order, then got into a fight with deputies.

Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton says Bradshaw was chasing his dad with a screwdriver, then barricaded himself in a shop building before charging at deputies Wednesday morning.

Walton said that’s when Bradshaw tried to take a deputy's gun.

“If anybody wants to talk about being in a fight for their life, when somebody’s trying to take over that officer’s weapon, he’s got a huge responsibility to his partner and the whole community to retain that weapon,” Walton said.

At some point, Walton says, a deputy’s gun went off, firing two rounds and hitting another deputy.

“Through his taser, through his side, exits and scratches his gun belt going out the other side,” Walton said. “So a few inches to one side could certainly have been a bad situation.”

Walton said he’s not sure yet if the shots were fired intentionally during the fight with Bradshaw, and said the deputy whose gun went off hasn’t been interviewed yet.

“They need time to get their thoughts together and recover from it mentally,” Walton said.

Investigators are also working to figure out how Bradshaw was hurt, whether it was from the fight, or if he was also shot. The OSBI will help deputies figure that out.

We’re told the suspect’s father is okay.