PRYOR, Oklahoma - News On 6 was sent a disturbing video of a 17-year-old girl being punched in the face and thrown against a wall. That 17-year-old's aunt sent News On 6 the video.

And just weeks after she was hurt, the teen says her grandmother's cars were egged, spray painted and had the tires slashed. Pryor Police said they are investigating along with the school.

"I don't want to go to school; I just want to be online," said Mallory Calvert, the 17-year-old.

Mallory Calvert's Aunt Meghan Dodson said the video shows her niece being grabbed, thrown against the wall and punched.

Dodson said Mallory's grandmother, who is taking care of her, woke up Thursday to her vehicles vandalized.

"Her cars slashed and spray paint all over her car. She's a widow, and she cant afford to pay for tires - it just breaks my heart," said Dodson.

Both Mallory and Meghan said the vehicles were also egged.

And while they don't know who did this, they said they believe it could be connected to Mallory being bullied.

"I'm just sick of my family getting hurt," said Dodson.

Pryor Public Schools released a statement to News On 6, saying in part:

"Our High School administration has worked with local authorities in providing whatever assistance we could provide."

The Pryor Creek Police Department said in part,

"This is an open investigation and information indicates that this is an ongoing dispute between juveniles."

Both Meghan and Mallory said while Police continue to investigate they want answers in the hopes that whomever vandalized the vehicles is held accountable.

"It starts at home. We are always focused on teaching them right from wrong," said Dodson.

And Mallory wants other kids to know, that if you are in a similar situation it will get better.

"No matter how hard it gets you're gonna be okay - that you can get through it and it will end at some point because God does have a plan for everyone," said Mallory Calvert.

Pryor Police said they did take a report of a fight in March at the high school and have sent it to the district attorney's Office.

Full Statement from the Pryor Public Schools:

"While the recent incidents did not occur at school, our High School administration has worked with the local authorities in providing whatever assistance we could provide. Any and all discipline situations are taken seriously by our district and are thoroughly researched and addressed." 


Don Raleigh, Pryor Supt.

Full Statement from the Pryor Creek Police Department: