TULSA - A Tulsa woman says she had to use her gun to fight off a pit bull that attacked her dog and then came after her near Pine and Peoria.

Maria Rocha says a group of pit bulls came into her back yard and one of them grabbed her Chihuahua with its mouth and took off with it.

"Coming this way, the other pit bull followed me and was attacking me, and then I went and got my gun," said Rocha.

She said she chased the pit bull with her dog in its mouth to the front of her house and that’s when she says the pit bull went after her.

Rocha said she grabbed her gun and fired a shot at it and it ran off.

"It had him by the neck and brought him from the back of the house all the way to the front of the house," said Francisco Torres, a friend of Rocha’s.

Rocha said the pit bull tore a chunk out her Chihuahua's neck.

She said she has seen the dogs in the neighborhood before but has never had something like this happen to her.

When police got to the house, they searched the area for the pit bulls.

"We made contact with the dog, but they are not an active threat towards us, so pit bull owners just need to kind of keep track of their dogs, they are kind of running around these streets," said Officer Justin Mcree, with the Tulsa Police Department.

Officers say Rocha did have a concealed carry license for the gun and she acted in self-defense.

Police said calls like this are common.

"Dogs are all around the streets so we get aggressive dog calls on a day to day basis," said Mcree.

The owners did take the Chihuahua to the vet to get checked out.