TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa woman wants justice after she said a pit bull in her neighborhood mauled her dog to death.

Olympia Marshall said Princess was part of her family for 16 years, and it's hard to imagine what their life will look like without her.

"She grew up with my kids," she said. "She's part of my family. I feel like I lost a child. And for nothing."

She said it's the new reality they're adjusting to after Princess was attacked by a neighbor's pit bull.

"We had to put her down," Olympia said. "It just hurts."

Marshall said it happened when she let Princess outside to go to the bathroom. Within minutes, she said she knew something was wrong, so she went outside to check.

"That's when I see all the blood," she said. "It's everywhere. So I start screaming."

Marshall said Princess got out of the backyard fence. A neighbor told Marshall the pit bull had attacked her dog.

"He said he was just shaking her like a rag doll," she said.

Marshall said she and other neighbors have called animal control about the dog before, but nothing is being done.

"I truly believe they should remove the dog," Marshall said. "Because it's a danger, to other people and other animals."

News On 6 talked to Tulsa's Animal Welfare Manager, Jean Letcher.       

She said that because both dogs were outside their fence and without a leash, they were both in violation of the rules and it qualified as "mutual combat."

Letcher said dogs and cats are technically personal property, so animal welfare can't take animals away and euthanize them without orders from a judge.