Wagoner Police arrested three people after finding counterfeit money and meth inside a Wagoner hotel room Saturday.

Police say two of the people they arrested tried to use the cash at several businesses. Wagoner Police say Robert Dennington was making the cash, by washing off the ink and printing what he wanted on the money. Officers said they know of 10 fake $100 bills.

At first glance, you see Benjamin Franklin on the bills, but when you hold one up to the light, you can see Alexander Hamilton, who is on the $10 bill.

“He was kind of doing it the old style way of forging the money,” Detective Benjamin Blair said.

Investigators said they found the washed cash, printers, ink and meth inside a Days Inn hotel room during a search warrant.

Police also arrested Todd Miller for helping Dennington try to use the money. Officers said they went to several businesses, including Walmart, Pizza Hut, Daylight Donuts and Braum’s.

“From what we gathered they started in Oklahoma City,” Blair said.

Investigators said Lindsey Jones let the two men use her SUV to get around. They said it was her meth found inside the hotel room. She was also arrested. Blair said the town has seen an increase in counterfeit money during the last two months, so he took action.

“I’ve distributed several fliers to the local businesses and bail bonds offices and banks, making them aware, ‘Hey, we’re having an issue here. Make sure you’re aware, train your employees, to know what to look for.’”

Officers said it’s possible more of the fake cash could be making its way around town. If you see anything suspicious, call the police.