TULSA, Oklahoma - A well known Tulsa church, more than 8 decades old is closing its doors today.

For 85 years several generations here in Tulsa have called Eastside Christian Church at 15th and Harvard home, but as the doors to this building close another door is opening.

"We are not closing our church. Our building is going to be closed. The church is still well alive," said Rev. Evan Taylor.

Reverend Taylor says it got to a point where too many resources were going into the building. After months of prayer, the entire church agreed to close its doors and join Forrest Park Christian Church at 91st and Mingo.

"We are a church of the people, not the steeple. The church is not a building, the church is people, community and love," said Rev. Taylor.

Susan and Gary Marrs know this church as well as anyone. They were married here in 1970 and raised their kids here. Susan has spent her Sundays here since 1955. For both of them, Sunday was bittersweet.

"When they first built this church, they said it would never make it and it was so far away from downtown that they said if it doesn't make it they said they would turn it into a movie theater," said Garry Marrs.

Reverend Taylor says moving will be good for the church but leaving the memories behind is hard.

"Very, very, hard today. There's a lot of nostalgia in this place. It is an art deco building, it's been here for a long time, our members here, the memories here," said Rev. Taylor.

People at the church say this move will allow them to make the most of their resources.

"We need to be spending it on the community and so moving to a smaller place is the best thing for us and what we feel led to do. God's true work in the community," said Rev. Taylor.

The first service at their new home, Forrest Park Christian church will be next weekend on Easter Sunday.