OKMULGEE, Oklahoma - After almost a week in South Dakota, officers with the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Lighthorse Police Department are back in Oklahoma.

Chief Robert Hawkins and five officers made the 13-hour drive north to deliver donated supplies. An Indian reservation there has been in a state of emergency after four people died during recent storms.

The officers faced dangerous roads and below-freezing temperatures while driving nearly 600 miles throughout the Pine Ridge area of South Dakota.

They worked with emergency management teams there, to deliver donations to those in need. Donations were collected in Okmulgee before the trip.

"Everything that everybody brought to us from around the area was just outstanding. We can't be more thankful,” Hawkins said.

Many people on the Pine Ridge Reservation are dealing with extensive flooding damage, and now, snow. Hawkins said some are not able to leave their homes because the roads are so bad. 

"We got what we could to some people and others, it's unfortunate, but they're just gonna have to wait until things dry up a little bit because right now, it's impassable,” Hawkins said.

The officers were able to give things like shoes, diapers, and hygiene kits.

"People in Pine Ridge are greatly appreciative of this, and thankful that we were able to come as far as we did with the goods that we had to help them out,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins said if needed, they will make the trip to South Dakota again if another round of weather moves through.